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Saint Dominic High School's

Elite Volleyball Feeder Program




Core Crusaders Volleyball Club was founded in 2013 by sisters Courtney Bland and Maggie Allen. The intent was to create a club experience that would grow girls love for the game and teach them lifelong lessons that would serve them in all aspects of life. Through hardwork, discipline, and dedication their hope is to continue St. Dominic High School's  tradition of great volleyball. They've created a coaching environment that fosters strong relationships, fundamentals, and work ethic. All the coaches for Core Crusaders believe in the importance of accountability while providing a positive environment for their players to grow. These coaches brought the St. Dominic Lady Crusaders to the Class 4 State Tournament in 2017.




Our "Core" belief is teaching players the proper fundamentals from every aspect of the game. Our disciplined approach fosters great ball control at a young age. We also believe in the importance of non-sport specialization and cross training for healthy, sustainable participation in athletics.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you break down playing time?

Playing time is different at each age level.  Every player will receive playing time.. We find this builds the confidence and learn the value of teamwork.  When we enter into 7th and 8th grade we introduce position specific skills; this gives our players a realistic view of what higher level volleyball entails.  Playing time is impacted when athletes do not attend practice regularly. Playing time is coach’s discretion.

Do you teach specialized positions? How long does it last?

Our club believes in creating versatile players that are well-rounded in the sport.  We feel it helps them become better all-around players and at the high school level we find it gives players a better chance of making the team when they are able to perform all skills needed for each position.  Every athlete in our club will receive training in all skills.  We begin to break our teams down by position in 6th-7th grade but we will still allow for opportunities at practice and games to continue to grow as an all-around player.  

What happens if my daughter needs to leave a tournament for any reason?

If you need to leave a tournament to attend another event or sport we support you.  We encourage multi-sport athletes as we know the importance of non-sport specialization for healthy, growing bodies.  Please make sure your coach knows well in advance of your conflict so they can plan accordingly.  If you daughter was to return to the tournament after attending something know that she will still receive playing time but her absence will impact her playing time at the coach’s discretion.

Does your club have open gyms prior to tryouts?

We will provide opportunities to attend open gyms prior to tryouts.  You can sign up on our website. These will run Sept-Oct. 2019-2020 dates. Please visit our Open Gym tab for more information.

How many teams will you have at each level?

We will have 1-2 teams at each age level

How many players do you take on a team?

We will take 8-10 players on a roster.

Do I have to pay for all the tournaments if we cannot make one?

In an effort to keep our club cost down we bill you for tournaments after we have signed each team up.  We will break the cost down by players on the team, therefore it is one payment and you are expected to pay in full even if you will not make a tournament. 

Do you accept waiver players?

We no longer accept waiver players; however we reserve the right at a particular age group to accept waivers on a case-by-case basis.

Can my daughter split practice time with another sport?

You must make the vast majority of practices and skills sessions. Exceptions are coach’s discretion.

When are payments due?

Club Payment is due the Wednesday after tryouts and your tournament fee will be due on December 15th.  





A true competitor works the hardest, cares the most, and makes the best of what they have.


-Kerri Walsh Jennings